Patriotic Volume 1; Voices of Freedom

Patriotic Volume 1; Voices of Freedom
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By looking at American History through the eyes of some of its participants, Voices of Freedom aims to rekindle love and respect for America and her freedom through a collection of dramatic readings and suggested songs. George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Although Mr. Santayana’s statement appears negative, consider how the opposite can also be true. Those who remember the past, and draw upon it to learn the secrets of a nation’s success will also be able to repeat it. Starting at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the program follows the chronology of American History singling out key American people including: Francis Scott Key, the early pioneers, Emma Lazarus, Katherine Lee Bates, our founding fathers, hopeful immigrants and even the audience. The final scene places the emphasis on the greatest freedom, the freedom from sin. Using Scripture, a simple yet understandable salvation message is presented; reminding the audience that Jesus Christ is the author of true freedom.

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