School Volume 1

School Volume 1 School Volume 1
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This book contains 5 scripts for use in school programs! The front cover and table of contents are available to preview. The first three scripts include staging information and performance tips. The last two pieces are scripts that have worked well in school competitions. The scripts are also offered as single selections. Purchasing the book is a savings of $8.50 over purchasing the scripts individually.

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The Lady of Shalott is a classic poem that has been adapted into a 12 minute reader’s theatre. Interpretation suggestions as well as staging and performance tips are included.

Tom Sawyer Loves Becky is a novel cutting from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. This delightful piece has been adapted into a reader’s theatre. The 15 minute piece works well as part of a program. Staging and performance tips and diagram included.

How The Widow Won The Deacon is a light-hearted short story that works well for any gathering where a humorous story is needed. The 15 minute selection works well as part of a program. The piece has been adapted into reader’s theatre and contains staging suggestions.

Margaret Thatcher’s Eulogy of Ronald Reagan could be used as a selection for school contests or in a speech classroom. She refers often to Reagan’s faith in God. The selection meets contest time limits and has a 3rd place win to its credit.

The Importance of Being Ernest play cutting has two delightful female characters. Cecily and Gwendolyn. The cutting climaxes as the two lose their English-bred, well-mannered politeness. A fun cutting of a great play! Time limit meets contest requirements.

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