Church Volume 2

There are 5 scripts in this book. Three of the scripts are original works. Previews or Teasers are available for each selection. Scripts focus on edification, prayer, Easter, and The Bible.

The first script is a reader’s threatre from Foxes Book of Martyrs. It runs 8-10 minutes. One would think that the tone would be a depressing one, but the opposite is true! Edifying and faith-building; a script that points our focus on Christ!

Oh We of Little Faith is partly a reader’s theatre and partly a play. The script 8-10 minute script reminds us to pray expecting God to move!

The Nails is a 3-4 minute original male monologue that would add to any Easter program. The merchant, that sold the nails the Romans used to crucify Christ, tells his story.

Silver Boxes is a 6-8 minute original, inspirational, humorous essay. This essay reminds us of the importance of edification; building up one another.

Value of The Bible This 2-4 minute poem has been adapted into reader’s theatre. The story tells of a traveler who sells merchandise to a wealthy proud young woman. He sees her need of Christ and gives her The Pearl of Great Price which changes her life. A nice addition to any program focusing on The Holy Bible.

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