Church Volume 1

This book contains 5 performance scripts. Three of the scripts are original performances about Easter! The Book Cover and Table of Contents are available for you to view.

There All The Time is a 3-4 minutes original acting scene focused on Peter understanding that Christ forgave his betrayal.

Easter Reader’s Theatre is a 3-4 minute original compiled script. The reader’s bring home the realization that Christ arose and that His rising has great meaning for us today.

The World’s Most Beautiful Rose is a classic by Hans Christian Andersen telling the salvation story. It has been adapted into a 3-4 minutes reader’s theatre.

Saint John, the Aged is a 6-8 minute male monologue depicting the final moments of the life of the beloved disciple of Christ. It is a moving piece that leaves one looking forward to the day he too will see Christ.

Garden Monologues is a set of three original monologues. They flow together beautifully taking us from the garden of Gethsemene to Golgotha’s garden and coming to a close in our own garden . If Musical numbers were added between the pieces they would make a lovely Easter Contata. Each piece can also stand alone. combined they last about 4-6 minutes.

Each script is also available as an individual selection. Purchasing the e-book saves you $25.50 over purchasing each selection individually. You may also enjoy scripts from School Volumes 1 & 2.

Quantity Description / Price
E-Book — $28.50